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F A Q's

Freqently Asked Questions


Q: How can I make my pictures smaller so they will be under the 150K limit for upload to the classifieds?

A: Use the Microsoft Paint program
    1. In Windows, Click on "Start", "Programs", "Accessories" and open the Paint program.
    2. Click on File, then Open, and open your image
    3. Click on Image, then "Stretch/Skew".
    4. Change the Horizontal and Vertical "Stretch" option from 100% down to around 30%
    5. Finally click on File, then "SAVE AS" and save your image with a different file name so you dont make any changes to your original photo.  For example, if your image was called "image.jpg", You would click on File, Save As, "image-new.jpg".

If your images are still too large, you can play around with the percentage.  Try 20-25% etc... but make sure you do this starting with the orignal image each time so you will get the correct results.

Q: Everytime I try to Log-On, I put in my information(username and password) and it takes me back to the home page and I am still under guest?

A: This happens 99% of the time with AOL users.  The AOL web browser has issues with cookie placement. Please use Internet Explorer as your web browser and this will solve your problem.








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