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Pricing Structure

For any individual or private seller wanting to place a Classified ad:  All ads are FREE for a ten(10) or thirty (30) day listing which includes up to twelve(12) pictures per ad.  All businesses will be required to pay a fee of $29.95 for listings in specific categories such as Automotive, Real Estate, Boats, Help Wanted, Heavy Equipment, Rentals, etc.

You can also place an item up for auction.  Auctions however are NOT free   We accept all major credit cards online while posting your auction.  It's just that simple.  Look below for more information on the pricing plans all our users belong to.

  • The "Power Seller Classified Plan" which allows any private individual or private seller to place Classified ads for FREE and businesses will pay $29.95 for certain categories.  
  • The "Power Seller Auction Plan" is our enhanced Real Time Auction Plan. ALL auctions will have a minimum starting bid of $100.00 with no exceptions.  Even if you put in a lower amount for the starting bid, our system will automatically default the starting bid back to $100.00.  Anyone who posts an auction listing will be responsible to pay a seller fee of ten percent(10%) ONLY if his/her item sells.  For example: If you list your item and it sells, you will be required to pay by credit card at the end of the placement of your next listing.  You cannot place another listing until your balance it paid in full.  If your item doesn't sell, you can renew it for free until it does.   
    You can place a reserve on your auction to make sure you get the lowest possible amount you will accept for your item.  You can make your auction listing show up with a Bold title, give it Better Placement, make it a Featured item and also assign it an Attention Getter.  Buyers and Sellers can even issue Feedback ratings to tell others how their experience was.  With this plan you pay absolutely nothing when you list your item, however you will pay a fee of 10% of the final selling price ONLY if your item sells and/or it meets your reserve price. All Auctions will be for items of $100.00 or more with no exceptions. 

    Remember, each classified and auction listing gives you the ability to display up to TWELVE (12) FREE photos per item.

    Thank you and Happy listing!











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