Thank you and by all means remember...If it sounds to good to be true, then it most likley is...

You can sidestep would-be scammers by following these common-sense rules:

Who should I notify about fraud or scam attempts?

If you suspect that an item posted for sale on WBOC Classifieds may be part of a scam, please email the details to "classifieds@wboc.com". Be sure to include the URL or Listing ID number in your message.

Recognizing scams

Most scams involve one or more of the following:

Examples of Scams

1. Someone claims that WBOC Classifieds will guarantee a transaction, certify a buyer/seller, OR claims that WBOC Classifieds will handle or provide protection for a payment.

2. distant person offers a genuine-looking (but fake) cashier's check

3. Someone requests wire service payment via Western Union or MoneyGram:

4. distant person offers to send you a money order and then have you wire money:

5. distant seller suggests use of an online escrow service.

6. distant seller asks for a partial payment upfront, after which he will ship goods

7. foreign company offers you a job receiving payments from customers, then wiring funds